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Single & Double Axle Kits


£ 11400.00 / Wellcraft Fisherman 180
Fisherman 180 Quick and agile, the 180 Fisherman is as competent when it comes to performance as it is when it comes to fishability. Hop aboard and it\"s hard to comprehend...
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£ 54785.00 / Bella 26 Fantino
Bella 26 Fantino NEW: A classic for severe weather conditions. The attractive lines, superb finish and exceptional drive characteristics of the Falcon 26 Fantino have already made it a legend in...
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£ 62765.00 / Bella 765
Bella 765 NEW: The sporty, deep V-hull of the Bella 765 ensures stable and comfortable going even in heavy seas. Moving around the spacious, bright cabin is easy and on-board living...
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£ 83950.00 / Bella 850
Bella 850 NEW: An exclusive cabin cruiser. The Bella 850 is a fast cabin cruiser with sleek lines, elegant details and excellent drive characteristics, all of which are highly representative of...
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£ 37300.00 / Bella 655
Bella 655 NEW: A safe walk-through cabin cruiser. Sliding hatches to the fore and aft cockpits of the Bella 655 make for easy access throughout and greatly facilitate docking. There are...
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£ 35850.00 / Bella 652
Bella 652 NEW: A fast, safe cabin cruiser, the Bella 652 features seating for five passengers in a well-lit cabin and sleeping berths for two below the foredeck. Unstable weather conditions...
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£ 34450.00 / Bella 703
Bella 703 NEW: An updated classic! The semi-planing Bella 703 cruiser features a spacious twin berth cabin, a flushing WC, a large rain-draining cockpit and an economical axle-driven 40 hp diesel...
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£ 42700.00 / Bella 7000 Sunmar
Bella 7000 Sunmar NEW: A sea-going work boat. The Bella 7000 Sunmar is an axledriven, multi-purpose boat well suited for fishing expeditions. It features a large cockpit that offers potential...
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£ 31500.00 / Bella 640 DC
Bella 640 DC NEW: Based on the Bella 620DC\"s test winning hull, the Bella 640 DC is designed very much in the spirit of our time and exudes a sense of...
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£ 15600.00 / Bella 620 DC
Bella 620 DC NEW: A highly successful daycruiser. The Bella 620 is a well-tested success in its own class. In addition to superb drive characteristics, movement throughout the boat is safe...
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